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Paphos Head Office

52 Chrysoneras Avenue Kissonerga, Mediterranean Plaza,8574,Paphos,Cyprus

About Mito Developers Ltd

Domestic Context
Thirty years of experience in real estate development and construction allows us to understand and empathize with the feelings and needs of customers.

Financial strength ranks first in the real estate industry in Hebei Province, China. The only steadfast and powerful real estate enterprise without loans or public financing.

MITO Investor
MITO Investment LTD was founded in 2018 b...y Mr. Hao, the founder of Hankangliye Real Estate Group in Hebei, China. Mr. Hao has been leading in the real estate industry in Hebei for over thirty years and his insight into the real estate industry and level of expertise are both unparalleled among our peers.

In 2005, Mr. Hao founded "Hebei Tianhai Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.". As the chairman, Mr. Hao has led his team to construct numerous urban landmarks -Tianhai Guanchengyuan community, Tianhai Yutianxia community, Zilinwancommunity, etc., thereby gaining a good reputation in the local area.

In 2010, Mr. Hao, as the controlling shareholder, founded Hebei Hankang Liye Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. The company's most representative project, "Boya Shengshi", has a total building volume of 1.5 million square meters, covering an area of 1,073 Mu (176.76 acres), and is a super-large community integrating commerce, transportation, education, medical care, leisure and other supporting facilities. Because of Mr. Hao and his team's reputation in Hebei developed over the long term, the project caused a sensation in the local area as soon as it was launched, and it was sold out at the opening with demand exceeding supply.

Since its development, Hankang Liye Real Estate Group has created happy homes for more than 70,000 families, and has always practiced and adhered to the belief that “We build homes, not just houses. "

Overseas Expansion
After achieving success in the domestic real estate industry, Mr. Hao led the team abroad, fully investing in and developing the overseas real estate market with their keen insight, judgment, and international perspective, taking the initiative ahead of the industry.

Mr. Hao and his team selected Cyprus, a Mediterranean island nation in Europe, as their first investment destination. Cyprus is a must-visit vacation destination for every European. The aim is to establish a benchmark real estate project in Cyprus which not only signifies the setting of a standard for the brand across Europe but also opens up the market.

Overseas Development
In 2018, Mr. Hao registered MITO Investment Limited in Cyprus, establishing a high-quality, professional team with blend of international talent. For MITO, the highest priority is always customer satisfaction.

MITO adheres to a rigorous, meticulous, and innovation-driven management model, closely following the latest demands of societal development and market changes.

In aspects such as product positioning, market research and development, planning and design, quality management, cost control, and marketing promotion, MITO has established a systematic, orderly, and scientifically effective work system and operational mechanism. This approach enables MITO to provide comprehensive, high-quality services to customers in all dimensions.

Investments & Acquisitions
Upon entering Cyprus, MITO acquired a Pafos based University and a Pafos based Hospital in order to fulfill its social responsibilities, before initiating land development.

In 2018, the company acquired 100% property rights of Neapolis University in Pafos Cyprus.

In 2019, the company acquired 100% property rights of Iasis Hospital also in Pafos Cyprus.

In 2019, full investment was made in the Domenica Sea View 5 project, which was sold out in 2020, and all units were delivered by January 2021.

In 2019, the company fully purchased the Bayside plot in Kissonerga Pafos Cyprus, with the aim of developing it into a landmark luxury hotel with a yacht marina.

In 2022, the company fully purchased the Mito Sea View plot, aiming to create a benchmark in high-end sea-view residential real estate.

In 2023, the company fully purchased a land plot near Chloraka public schools, continuing its efforts in real estate projects.

MITO Vision
Mito residents’ strongest, most reliable and warmest family.

The preferred choice for overseas property investment.

The most reputable real estate developer in Cyprus and Europe.