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Cyprus property purchase tax calculator

Total Purchase Taxes

If buying as an individual
{{tctrl.ind_total_due | currency:'€':0}} TF + {{tctrl.sd_total_due | currency:'€':0}} SD
{{tctrl.individual_tax | currency:'€':0}}
If buying on joint names
{{tctrl.joint_total_due | currency:'€':0}} TF + {{tctrl.sd_total_due | currency:'€':0}} SD
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Calculation Breakdown

Transfer fees

Transfer fees is a progressive tax paid by property purchasers to the land registry when the title deed of the property is transferred to their name.​ For newly built properties, if VAT is paid on the property, no Property Transfer Fees are payable.

[TF] Transfer fees if buying as an individual

Purchase price bands (€)
Percentage rate (%)
TF due (€)
Up to 85,000
{{tctrl.ind1_due | number:0}}
Above 85,000 Up to 170,000
{{tctrl.ind2_due | number:0}}
Above 170,000 +
{{tctrl.ind3_due | number:0}}
Total TF due as individual
{{tctrl.ind_total_due_b4_discount | number:0}}
Total TF as individual after discount (50%)
{{tctrl.ind_total_due | number:0}}

[TF] Transfer fees if buying on joint names

Purchase price bands (€)
Percentage rate (%)
TF due (€)
Up to 170,000
{{tctrl.joint1_due | number:0}}
Above 170,000 Up to 340,000
{{tctrl.joint2_due | number:0}}
Above 340,000 +
{{tctrl.joint3_due | number:0}}
Total TF as joint
{{tctrl.joint_total_due_b4_discount | number:0}}
Total TF as joint after discount (50%)
{{tctrl.joint_total_due | number:0}}
Stamp Duties

Stamp duties is tax paid by property purchasers when the property sales agreement is registered with the land registry.

[SD] Stamp duties

Purchase price bands (€)
Percentage rate (%)
SD due (€)
First 5,000
{{tctrl.sd1_due | number:0}}
Above 5,000 Up to 170,000
{{tctrl.sd2_due | number:0}}
Above 170,000 +
{{tctrl.sd3_due | number:0}}
Total SD due
{{tctrl.sd_total_due | number:0}}

This tax calculator is designed to give you an indication of your tax liability when buying a freehold property in Cyprus. All calculations are rounded to the nearest euro. In some cases, the Cyprus Land Registry calculations may be different to what is shown above. For a detailed quotation you may contact one of our lawyers.