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Limassol Head Office


About ATEX Developers

ATEX DEVELOPERS is a real estate development company and immigration program consultancy in Cyprus with a diverse portfolio of projects including residential properties such as villas, townhouses, apartments and commercial properties such as shopping malls, resorts, hotels, office buildings, parks, playgrounds, etc., with unlimited quantity, size and value.

Since its establishment, the company’s ...goal has been unequivocal: to design and create properties that deserve their presence, each offering something unique and distinctive. We always adhere to and comply with the requirements and regulations of the relevant authorities for any project that have been and will be developed.

With our experience in the property industry, we understand and respect the ethical standards of business. With an extensive distribution network, abundant funds of land, strategic location, and diverse property types, we increasingly affirm our mission to connect with the domestic and international investment communities by satisfying their investment needs.

Success breeds success. We invest in our staffs and their futures. We directly employ a team of full-time employees with a collective inspiration of a young, dynamic and forward-thinking factors. We believe that designing innovative contemporary properties is not enough. The mind-set, the attitude and the dedication of every member of ATEX DEVELOPERS are the core values of the company.

ATEX DEVELOPERS, quite simply, will meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. Towards sustainable values and prosperity, with all our enthusiasm and energy, we are committed to bringing the optimal benefits to our Partners – our Clients, contributing to improve living experiences for the community as well as to promote the property market in Cyprus to develop in a comprehensive and professional manner.