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Two strategies that will double your chances of receiving an offer

Excerpt from the book: How to sell your home fast for the highest price. Published by BuySell. Copyright © 2019 -
Five-star hotel lobby experience

My favourite place for first-time business meetings with new clients is the lobbies of five-star hotels. Everything is set for an impressive, prime, and memorable experience that touches all your senses. The positive experience of a five-star hotel lobby starts as soon as you approach the entrance. The temperature is perfect. If it is cold outside you walk in to an area where it is warm and cosy, and if is hot outside you walk into a cool, pleasant area. As soon as you walk in, you smell a lovely scent. Proper lighting and soft music instantly put you in a nice relaxing atmosphere. Visitors are impressed by the marble floors. You can feel the cleanliness. Smiling people welcome you. Hoteliers are, of course, experts at creating the ultimate experience for their guests. 

What if you could learn from hotels and create a similar five-star atmosphere when buyers enter your house for a viewing? This needs little extra time for preparation before viewing, but it will help you and your agent in the presentation of your home. The first seconds when a buyer visits your home are the most important. The first impression matters. Buyers mostly decide within the first few seconds if your house falls within their short list or not. 

Have you ever walked into a five-star hotel lobby and had a dog run at you? Of course not. So, keep your pets away. Apply some lessons from hotel lobbies and create the ultimate experience for your buyer. As we’ve seen, you should ideally be away from your home when buyers arrive with your agent. Leave the buyers alone to tour your home at their convenience. You should also remove anything that will cause friction or anxiety during viewings.

Uninterrupted viewings flow

There is a certain fact that many property sellers underrate as a catalyst for selling your home fast ‒ if your home is on the market, you never know what time you will have a viewing. Be flexible with your showing times. Agents or prospective buyers may want to view your home at very short notice. Buyers often walk into agents’ offices without a booked appointment. Or sometimes they ask to view something else and after viewing it realise that this isn’t what they are looking for. In this case, your agent won’t let them go but will use the opportunity to show them other options despite the fact that no other visits are scheduled. One of those alternative options may be your home.

If you don’t live in the house the best thing to do is to give a copy of the keys to your agent. This will allow him or her to show your property at any time. It will make your agent’s job easier and will guarantee that you don’t lose any potential buyers because your personal schedule doesn’t fit with their viewing schedule.

Of course it is better for you to have enough time to prepare your home to look its best. But if it happens that an urgent viewing request is made, it is better to show the house even if the beds aren’t made rather than losing that potential buyer. 

You never know when your buyer will show up, so don’t risk losing appointments. It is one of the biggest mistakes sellers make, to allow viewings of their house only by strict appointment. In fact it is the biggest hindrance that sellers can inflict on themselves that is within their control. Of course your agent should give you enough notice. Generally, every organised estate agent will give you enough time such as a day or more before viewing. But we are discussing the exceptional cases, such as when your agent has an immediate request to show your property. A motivated buyer is far more significant than the fact that your house may not be perfectly in order. It is better to show your house untidy than to not show it at all.

So always be prepared for viewings. You never know when the buyer of your home will show up. This approach will increase your odds of selling. The more people who view your home the better chance you have of getting an offer that makes sense. Property selling is a numbers’ game.

Andy K.

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