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Top 20 reasons to buy property in Cyprus

Top 20 reasons to buy property in Cyprus
1. The sun shines for approximately 340 days of the year.
2. There is virtually no crime, no vandalism, no pollution and no traffic congestion.
3. Everyone drives on the left side of the road.
4. You are allowed to own a duty-free car.
5. The electrics are similar to UK.
6. Ninety percent of Cypriots speak English
7. The cost of living is much lower than the most European countries and the U.K.
8. Clothes are manufactured in Cyprus for C&A, Richards Shops, BHS, Van Heusen Shirts, Lee Cooper, Lords and Clarks. Furniture is also made in Cyprus and is exported to the UK and Harrods. You can buy it cheaper than UK prices!
9. You can claim your pension and have it sent to Cyprus.
10. The law is based on British Law!
11. The telecommunication systems are all very advanced. Cyprus Telecommunications Authority is one of the most technologically advanced companies in the world!
12. Cyprus has advanced medical care. Almost everybody is insured at cheaper and better rates and service, than the rest of Europe and in the UK!
13. Cyprus is the island of 'Venus' the Goddess of Beauty and Love!
14. The land registry office is one of the most advanced in the world!
15. Cyprus is full of culture!
16. Cyprus enjoys lovely sea and mountain areas!
17. Cyprus contains some of the best antiquities of the world!
18. Cyprus is one of the three countries all over the world where you can snow ski and swim in the same day!
19. Cyprus is a full member of the EU.
20. You can apply for a Cyprus (European) Passport after 60 months of residence!

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