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S Droussiotis Estates

Alasias 8, Limassol 3095

About S Droussiotis Estates LTD

S Droussiotis Real Estates Ltd, is one of the leading, well established and highly respected real estate property consultants in the Republic of Cyprus. We offer the best properties in Cyprus available in the residential, commercial and industrial markets. We do not simply sell properties; we sell the dream view from your window.

We act as a one stop shop for clients offering a variety of service...s that cover the whole spectrum of activities relating to real estate. We will not settle for less than the best. Our workforce and chosen global network of partners and associates made up of highly qualified, experienced and skilled individuals always strive to best serve our clients. This approach has enabled us to excel in the extremely competitive and demanding real estate industry in Cyprus, effectively meeting the needs of all our clients.

When it comes to the quality of our services, we do not make any compromises to meet the high standards we insist upon. Everything we do for our clients is done after careful consideration and thorough scrutiny of all relevant factors. Whenever deemed necessary or advisable, we will seek to obtain expert legal, tax and other professional advice to ensure strict compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations.