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Paphos Head Office

21, Neophytou NicolaideAvenue, Paphos 8011,Cyprus

About LemonMaria Developers

About us

We empower your journey to life quality, freedom, and security.
Since our foundation in 1993, we have been committed to offer high quality and personalised services at the most reasonable rates.

At LemonMaria we have an unrivalled reputation of credibility, as we always aim to deliver premium quality projects for our clients.

We are aware that apart from a compelling design, properties... need to ensure that they are built with first-class constructing materials and by the most competent craftsmen.

We do recognise that our clients have individual needs; thus, we offer personalised service which respects and meets their needs.

Value for money is an important aspect when choosing your dream house, therefore our team of experts recommends the most suitable and cost effective properties.

We have the knowledge and the expertise to deliver outstanding results for our clients and their advisors, providing one-stop and time-efficient services managed by our highly qualified team of professionals.

Why Us?/ Our Values

At LemonMaria Developers we hold the below-mentioned values which shape our strong work ethic:



We treat our clients with respect and honesty, prioritising their needs. Integrity has been proved to be one of the most essential elements of our projects. We firmly believe that doing business involves accuracy and truthfulness, as these practices produce liable results for our clients.


We recognise that trustworthiness plays the most crucial role in business, thus we aim to build strong relationships with our clients.

LemonMaria Developers has a team of selected layers, accountants / /, who seek to earn your trust by providing unique solutions. Our numerous returning clients prove that investing in building trust is a fundamental element of carrying out successful projects.


We embrace the idea of operating in an ethically responsible manner in order to maintain our high service standards. Therefore, when undertaking projects, we do so, ethically respecting our clients’ socio-cultural background.

Our Promise

We promise personalisation and premium quality.

LemonMaria does not believe that ‘’one solution fits all’’; We are aware that clients have individual needs; thus, we aim to adapt our projects to their demands in order to identify the most suitable solution.

Premium quality is non-negotiable. We make sure to offer properties which will satisfy your needs while keeping you safe.


At LemonMaria we aim to adapt our high quality projects to your requirements. We carry out a variety of construction projects which have been designed to meet your expectations:

We construct and deliver premium quality properties. You can find them in a variety of different sizes and types at competitive rates.

This is an ideal option for those who wish to have a say on the designing their property. Our experienced team of professionals is ready to design your dream house according to your specifications and requirements. Personalising a project is one of our expertise, thus do not hesitate to express your preferences in terms of materials, colours, etc.